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Pere Marquette Railway
The The Pere Marquette Railway began on 1 January 1900 as a merger of three railways -- the Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad, which had previously merged with the Port Huron and Northwestern Railway in 1889; the Detroit, Grand Rapids & Western Railroad; and the Chicago & West Michigan Railway. Some of these lines had been 3 ft. gauge, but the new company rapidly converted all the remaining 3 ft. gauge lines to 4 ft. 8 in. gauge. The Pere Marquette Railway merged with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad on 6 June 1947, which has subsequently become the CSX Corporation.
Map of the Pere Marquette Railway. Enlarge
The Pere Marquette bascule bridge at Port Huron, Michigan, built in 1931. This beautifully counterbalanced masterpiece of its day is unfortunately under threat owing to a plan by the local yacht club to redevelop the site
Pere Marquette Railway station at Clare, Michigan
Pere Marquette Railway station at Silverwood, Michigan
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