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The North Coast Limited (NPRR)
The Northern Pacific Railway's crack ex press, the North Coast Limited made its maiden run on 29 April 1900, the day before Casey Jones's famous accident with the Cannonball Express. The train operated over the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad from Chicago to St. Paul, and thence via the Northern Pacific to Spokane, Seattle and Portland. Intermediate stations included Fargo ND, Bismarck ND, Billings MT, Bozeman MT, Butte MT, and Missoula MT. The train took a couple hours under two days to complete the journey at an average speed of just over 50 mph, and was considered one of the most luxurious trains ever to run in North America. In particular it was considered to have the best dining car service in the USA. In later years it was equipped with streamlined vista-dome cars and even a nurse-stewardess. The last train ran on 30 April 1971, the day before Amtrak began operating. Later in 1971 much of the route was taken over by a new Amtrak train, the North Coast Hiawatha but this only lasted until 1979, leaving the route between Fargo and Spokane without any passenger service.
The Northern Pacific Railway's North Coast Limited behind 10-wheeler No. 300, shortly after introduction in 1900. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress
Postcard view of the North Coast Limited in around 1910
The North Coast Limited from an advertisement of the 1950s showing the nurse-stewardess in one of the streamlined vista-dome cars
The North Coast Limited threading its way through the Clarks Fork River Valley near Missoula, Montana, in a postcard view of around 1930
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