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Montana Railroad (Milwaukee Road)
The Montana Railroad, also known as The Jawbone, was a 157-mile railroad between Lewistown and Lombard, Montana. The line was projected by Helena, Montana, attorney Robert A. Harlow to serve the gold fields to the east of Helena. The line was Incorporated on 26 May 1895, and construction began later the same year at Lombard, Montana, 50 miles east of Helena on the Northern Pacific Railway. It reached Lewistown in 1903. Major engineering works included a couple of impressive trestles over the Big Spring Creek and Judith River near Lewistown. In 1908 the newly constructed Milwaukee Road took over the Montana Railroad, and in 1912-13 built an extension to Great Falls, Montana, on the Missouri River. The southern part of the line from Lombard on the Northern Pacific Railway to Harlowton on the Milwaukee Road's main line was abandoned. The lines were closed in 1980 at the time the Milwaukee Road was cut back to Miles City.
Map extracted from the Milwaukee system map showing the Montana Railroad and associated lines
The former Milwaukee station at Great Falls, now on the National Register of Historic Places. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.
The former Milwaukee station at Harlowton, junction for the Montana Railroad on the Milwaukee main line. Image courtesy of Geographia Japan
Montana Railroad logo
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