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Milwaukee Road’s F7 Class 4-6-4 “Hudsons”
The Milwaukee Road’s F7 Class 4-6-4 “Hudsons” were a class of six streamlined coal-burning steam locomotives built by ALCO between August and September 1938. The streamlined casing was designed by Otto Kuhler. While fairly mundane in their two 23½ in × 30 in cylinders, these were combined with 7 ft. 0 in. driving wheels and a massive boiler pressure of 300 psi to produce a tractive effort of no less than 50,294 lb., making for a locomotive capable of moving a 550 ton train at speeds in excess of 120 mph. The French railroad writer Baron Gérard Vuillet clocked one covering 4½ miles at over 120 mph with a maximum of 125 mph. This almost equals "Mallard's" record-breaking speed of 126 mph, and outdoes its 3 miles at 120 mph so far as distance is concerned. Sadly, an agreement with the other railroads servicing the Chicago to Milwaukee route, and the onset of dieselization prevented the F7's from achieving their full potential, and they were all scrapped between 1949 and 1951. A sad end for the apogee of Milwaukee steam power.
Milwaukee Road F7 locomotive leaving the ALCO factory. Otto Kuhler photograph © Renaldo Kuhler and licensed for reuse under this GNU Free Documentation License
The prototype Class F7 "Hudson" No. 100 of 1938
Color print of Milwaukee "Hudson" No. 104
1939 advertisement for the Milwaukee Road's "Hiawatha"
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