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Milwaukee Road Kansas City Line
The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway reached Kansas City in 1887. The Kansas City line was a southwest extension from their main line at Savanna, Illinois. The route relied on trackage rights over the Rock Island between Muscatine and Davenport and a direct route to Omaha via Sabula, Iowa was provided by means of trackage rights over the Chicago & North Western line between Davenport and Clinton. The Kansas City division of the Milwaukee Road included the 281.53 miles from Kansas City, Missouri, to Muscatine, Iowa, together with the 2.59 mile Ottumwa branch which ran from Ottumwa Junction to Ottumwa, Iowa. The line was double tracked between Kansas City and Polo, Missouri. At Kansas City the Milwaukee Road used the Union Station, which belonged to the Kansas City Terminasl Railway, itself jointly owned by twelve railroads of which the Milwaukee Road was one. It shared its freight yards with the Kansas City Southern Railroad.

The Kansas City line's principal passenger train was the "Southwest Limited" which was put on in 1902 and originally ran from Chicago to Kansas City. In 1932 the train was extended to include through cars to Milwaukee, which were attached to the main train at Savanna. Additional cars connected with Omaha. During the early years the train included sleeping cars, a diner and an observation car, but in later years the 13 overnight service had lost these and became distinctly spartan. The train made its final run on 26 April 1958.
Map of the Kansas City line of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
The Kansas City Union Station. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The Chicago & North Western and Milwaukee Road stations at Lyons, Iowa, now Clinton
The Roundouse at Savanna, Illinois
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