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Gallatin Valley Railway (Milwaukee Road)
The Gallatin Valley Electric Railway was Incorporated in the State of Montana on 18 March 1908. The name was changed to the Gallatin Valley Railway on 8 September 1910, and the line opened on 1 November 1910. In 1911 the entire stock of the company was purchased by the Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget Sound Railway, and the line was thereafter run as a branch of the Milwaukee Road. The engineer of the line was John S. McKenna of Spokane. The line extended 27 miles south from Three Forks Junction on the Milwaukee Road's main line to Bozeman Hot Springs, thence about 11 miles east to Bozeman and another 25 miles more or less due north to Menard, bringing it to a point 17 miles east and 6 miles south of the other end of the line at Three Forks. There were two branches, one 5 miles long from Belgrade Junction to Belgrade, and another which ran 15 miles south from Bozeman to Salesville, now known as Gallatin Gateway, where there was access to the Yellowstone National Park and a large railway hotel, which still exists, called the Gallatin Gateway Inn. The company also absorbed the Bozeman Street Railway company which had been built by the Gallatin Light, Power & Railway Company and opened in 1892 and operated street cars in Bozeman itself. The line from Bozeman to Gallatin Gateway was electrified until 1930, and the Bozeman Street Railway was, of course, also electric. The line between Bozeman and Three Forks and the Belgrade branch were operated using steam locomotives.
Main and branch line trains at Three Forks in 1917
Preferred stock certificate from the Gallatin Valley Electric Railway
Map of the Gallatin Valley Railway excertped from the Milwaukee Road system map
Bozeman streetcar, c. 1895
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