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Fargo & Southern Railroad (Milwaukee Road)
In 1881 twenty-three businessmen from Fargo, North Dakota got together and raised $100,000 to build a railroad from their city 117 miles south to join the main line of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway (Milwaukee Road). The Engineer was Daniel Thomas Wheaton after whom Wheaton, Minnesota, one of the stations on the line, was named. Construction began in 1883 and the first train ran on 2 July 1884. Shortly afterward the company was sold to the Milwaukee Road and thus became their Fargo Branch. Passenger service ceased on 7 December 1931, though passengers continued to be carried in mixed trains until 31 October 1956, since when the line has been exclusively a freight carrier.
Laying ties on the Fargo & Southern Railroad, July 1884
The Fargo & Southern Railroad passenger depot at Fargo, North Dakota
The Fargo & Southern Railroad's freight depot at Fargo.
William A. Kindred (1849-1891), Vice President of the Fargo & Southern Railroad and Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota in 1882-1883
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