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Chicago Great Western Railway
The Minnesota & Northwestern Railroad was chartered in 1885 to build a line between St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Iowa State Line. By a series of mergers and acquisitions it came to be the Chicago Great Western Railway in 1892, with main lines running between Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago. Its principal promoter was Alpheus Beede Stickney (1840-1916) who was Pressident of the CGWR from 1884-1909. Following bankruptcy and reorganization his place was taken by Samuel Morse Felton, Jr. (1853-1930), who was President from 1909 to 1925, as well as Director General of Military Railways in World War I. The so called "Hub City" of the CGWR system was Oelwein, Iowa, where the locomotive shops and other facilities were located. The line's named expresses included the "Minnesotan" (Chicago - Twin Cities), the "Great Western Limited" (Chicago - Twin Cities), the "Legionnaire" (Chicago - Twin Cities), the "Blue Bird" (Twin Cities - Rochester), the "Rochester Special" (Twin Cities - Rochester), the "Red Bird" (Twin Cities - Rochester), the "Mills Cities Limited" (Kansas City - Twin Cities), the "Nebraska Limited" (Twin Cities - Omaha), and the "Twin Cities Limited" (Twin Cities - Omaha).By 1932 the only remaining stations with passenger service were Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Council Bluffs, St. Paul, St. Joseph and Omaha.
Map of the Chicago Great Western Railway, 1903, courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The Chicago Great Western Railway locomotive shops at Oelwein, Iowa, shortly before completion in 1898
Chicago Great Western Railway logo
Postcard view of a Chicago Great Western train at Dodge Center, Minnesota, in 1914
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