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The Sittingbourne & Sheerness Railway was Incorporated by 19 and 20 Vic, cap. 75 (7 July 1856), to make a railway from Sittingbourne to Sheerness. Capital, 80,000 in 10 shares; loans, 26,600. Length, 7 miles 1 furlong. Estimated cost, 80,000. Actual cost, 15,000 per mile. Opened 19 July 1860. By 20 and 21 Vic, cap. 151 (17 August 1857), the company was authorized to alter the line and levels, to abandon a portion of the line, and to construct new branches. By 22 and 23 Vic, cap. 90 (8 August 1859), the company was authorized to lease the line to the London, Chatham, and Dover, and to raise additional capital to the extent of 40,000 at five-and-a-half percent, preference, and 13,000 on loan. The line was worked under agreement with that company, and under the superintendence of a joint committee, the London, Chatham, and Dover taking 55per cent, of gross receipts until July 1865, after which it passed into the hands of the London, Chatham and Dover, by whom the undertaking (exclusive of road-bridge and pier) was to be leased in perpetuity. The Chairman was Captain Lazarus Simon Magnus (1824-1865), the Secretary S. J. Breeze and the Engineer Thomas E. Marsh. Captain Magnus, a successful Jewish businessman and a friend of I. K. Brunel. He was associated with promoting the laying of the Transatlantic Cable from the S. S. "Great Eastern."

The line was electrified on the 750 V DC third and fourth rail system and electric service began on 15 June 1959. The King's Ferry Bridge over the Swale Estuary was rebuilt in 1960. Dr. Richard Beeching (1913-1985), whose Axe was responsible for closing so many British railways, was born at Sheerness-on-Sea.
Captain Lazarus Simon Magnus (1824-1865), businessman, philanthropist, Mayor of Queensborough and Chairman of the Sittingbourne & Sheerness Railway
Boat train at Queensborough Pier Station in around 1910 behind Kirtley "M-3" Class 4-4-0 No. 610
The original Kingsferry Bridge of 1860 was replaced in 1904 and again in 1959. The 1959 bridge like its predecessor is a lifting bridge, enabling shipping to pass beneath. The new bridge in the background was opened in 2004 and carries the A249 road over the Swale Estuary. Image Copyright Nigel Chadwick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
SouthEastern Trains Sheerness electric service running across Neatscourt Marches near Queensborough on 26 April 2009. Image Copyright David Anstiss and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
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