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The Herne Bay & Faversham Railway was Incorporated by an Act of 17 August 1857, to construct a line between Herne Bay and Faversham. Capital, 80,000 in 20 shares; loans, 20,000 By an Act of 15 August 1859, the company was renamed the Margate & London Railway and authorizaed to extend the line to Margate. New share capital to that extent is created in shares or half-shares, at 5 per cent., and an additional 32,000 in loans authorised. By an Act of 6 August 1861 the company renamed the Kent Coast Railway and was authorized to extend their line to Ramsgate. Length, 5 miles. Capital, 96,000. in shares, at five per cent., and 32,000 on loan. By 24 and 25 Vic, cap. 234 (August 6 1861), the Kent Coast Railway, with its extension to Ramsgate, was leased to the London, Chatham, and Dover, under resolution of 2nd April, 1862, upon the following terms:

1. The London, Chatham, and Dover to work the line of the Kent Coast, between Faversham and Ramsgate, when completed, to the satisfaction of the engineer of the London, Chatham, and Dover line, maintaining the line, and paying all expenses of working, including rates, taxes, and government duty.

2. The receipts for all traffic passing between stations on the Kent Coast and stations on the London, Chatham, and Dover, and between stations on the Kent Coast line, to be set apart, 60 per cent of the same to be paid to the London, Chatham, and Dover for their expense of working and maintaining the line, the remainder, up to 45,420 a-year to be paid to the Kent Coast, anything above that amount to be divided in the proportion of three-fourths to the London, Chatham, and Dover, and one-fourths to the Kent Coast.

3. The line from Faversham to Ramsgate to be completed, and opened for traffic as a double line, by 1st September, 1863. The extra line between Faversham and Heme Bay, and the lines from Heme Bay to Ramsgate, to be maintained for 12 months after opening at the expense of the contractors. 4. This agreement to take effect from the opening of the line complete to Ramsgate, when the existing working agreement is to be annulled; but in the mean time the London, Chatham, and Dover to work the line to Heme Bay under that agreement.

By Act of 29th July, 1862, the company was authorized to make some deviation, to construct tramways at Ramsgate, and to increase the capital of the undertaking by 264,000 in shares and 88,000 on loan. By act of 23rd June, 1864, the Kent Coast was authorised to acquire additional lands, to raise more money, and to make further provision for lease to the Chatham and Dover. New capital, 120,000 in shares and 40,000 on loan. By act of 24th July, 1869, the company was authorised to provide payment of its mortgage debts by Issue of 6 per cent, redeemable debenture stock. By act of 31st July, 1871, the Kent Coast was authorised to be amalgamated with the London, Chatham, and Dover, under an agreement sanctioned by the proprietors of both companies in August 1871.

The line was completed to Ramsgate on 5 October 1863. The line was electrified under the "Kent Coast Electrification Plan" of 1959.
Map of the Kent Coast Railway
London, Chatham & Dover Railway "Kent Coast Express" behind Kirtley 6 ft. 6 in. 4-4-0 No. 20 in 1898
London express leaving Ramsgate Harbour station
Ex-SE&CR Wainwright "C" Class 0-6-0 No. 31461 with a local train at Herne Bay in May 1953. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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