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The South Eastern Railway put on its "Hastings Car Express," consisting of six Pullman vestibule cars and an SER birdcage brake painted to match, in 1891. The wooden-bodied Pullmans were specially cut down to accommodate them to the Hastings loading gauge. The cars were subsequently rebuilt by the SE&CR in 1919 with metal paneling and full vestibules and several lasted into British Railways' ownership. One of them, Kitchen First "Constance," survived as a bungalow and is currently under restoration by the Bluebell Railway. Its marquetry is said to be exceedingly fine.
South Eastern Railway Hastings Car Express: Interior of Pullman "Drawing Room" Car
Early SER Pullman train at Folkestone comprising James Stirling 4-4-0, two Pullmans and a 4-wheel Birdcage Brake
James Stirling's "F" Class 4-4-0, of which 88 examples were built 1883-1898 and which were used on the Hastings Car Express. With their 7 ft. 0 in. driving wheels and 15,195 lb. tractive effort, they were in the forefront of locomotive design in their day.
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