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The Metropolitan Extensions Act of 6 August 1860 authorized the London, Chatham & Dover Railway to built a four-and-a-half-mile line from Herne Hill across the Thames to join up with the Metropolitan Railway at Farringdon Street. While the possibilities for through traffic were enormous, the impecunious LC&DR was unfortunately in no position financially to be able to capitalize on the full potential of this. The line from Herne opened as far as Elephant & Castle on 6 October 1862, and with the completion of the the first Blackfriars Bridge over the Thames it was extended as far as a temporary terminus at Ludgate Hill on 21 December 1864. A permanent Ludgate Hill station opened nearby on 1 June 1865. The entire line to Farringdon Street was completed and opened to traffic on 1 January 1866. It soon became apparent that the LC&DR needed a terminus with hotel in the city, but the company did not have the funds, and so a separate company, the Holborn Viaduct Station Company was incorporated by an Act of 13 July 1871, and the high level Holborn Viaduct station opened on 2 March 1874, complemented from 1 August 1874 by a low level station, initially known as Snow Hill, both on a branch slightly to the west of the Ludgate Hill to Farringdon Street line. On 10 May 1886 the situation was rationalized by opening a new parallel line and a second Blackfriars Bridge, whereby traffic crossing the river passed first into a new St. Paulís station (later Blackfriars), and then proceeded via both Ludgate Hill and Holborn Viaduct to Farringdon Street. The original bridge was initially retained for goods services, but was later demolished. Express trains for Victoria from Dover, Ramsgate and Ashford included a City section which was detached at Herne Hill and terminated at Holborn Viaduct. Similarly a City section was added at Herne Hill to expresses originating in Victoria.
Illustrated London News engraving of Ludgate Hill station at the time of opening in 1865
1903 Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram of the lines around Blackfriars Bridge
Illustrated London News engraving of Holborn Viaduct under construction in 1864
Postcard view of Holborn Viaduct station and hotel in around 1905
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