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The Caterham Branch runs from a junction just south of Purley on the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway main line and the town of Caterham, a distance of 4 miles and 3 furlongs. The Caterham Railway's Act received the Royal Assent on 16 June 1854, but this was followed by a dispute between the LB&SCR and the South Eastern Railway about whose control the line should be under. The line connected with the LB&SCR, but was felt by the South Eastern to be an unwarranted intrusion of the Brighton company into its territory. Later in 1854 the LB&SCR and SER came to an agreement that neither company would fund any railways built in this region. This however only made it more difficult for the Caterham Railway to raise capital. In 1855 the LB&SCR and SER came to an agreement over the joint working of traffic between the branch and London, and the Caterham Railway opened on 5 August 1856. A court battled then commenced between the LB&SCR and SER and between the Caterham Railway and the contractor who built the line, and the Caterham Railway was forced into bankruptcy in 1859. At this point the South Eastern Railway was fortunately able to come to an agreement with the LB&SCR whereby the SER would purchase and work the Caterham Railway. The SER already possessed running rights over the LB&SCR from Purley into London. Electrification on the 660V DC third rail system was completed by the Southern Railway on 25 March 1928. Today the Southern company operates a frequent service between Victoria and London Bridge and Caterham.
Map of the Caterham Railway
Whyteleafe station and level crossing 22 September 2005. Image Hywel Williams (Creative Commons)
Kenley station on 19 November 2007. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Warlingham station (now known as Whyteleafe South) 20 November 2008. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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