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The Crowhurst, Sidley & Bexhill Railway was a 4 mi. 31 ch. double-tracked branch off the South Eastern Railway's Hastings line from Crowhurst via Sidley to Bexhill (later Bexhill West). Construction was begun in 1897 with Lt. Col. Arthur John Barry, CBE, MInstCE (1859-1943) as Engineer. A new large junction station was built at Crowhurst, and shortly after leaving the main line the branch crossed the magnificent 17-arch 1/4-mile long, 100 ft. high Crowhurst Viaduct. The building of the branch gave a route from Charing Cross to Bexhill-on-Sea of 62 miles, 10 miles shorter than the existing LBSCR route from Victoria. The line opened for passengers on 1 June 1902 and for goods the following day. The company was absorbed by the SE&CR in 1905. It closed to goods under the Beeching Axe on 9 September 1963, and to passengers on 15 June 1964. Despite local protests the Crowhurst Viaduct was sadly dynamited in 1969.
Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram showing the lines around Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea
Crowhurst Viaduct in 1902
Sidley Station
Bexhill Station
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