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The Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway was authorized on 29 January 1901 under the Light Railways Act of 1896 as a branch line of the Great Eastern Railway. The line connected the small fishing village of Tollesbury in Essex with the rest of the British railway system at Kelvedon, south of Colchester. The line opened to traffic on 1 October 1904. The major business on the line was connected with Arthur C. Wilkin's Tiptree Jam Factory, which had opened in 1885, and Mr. Wilkin was one of the line's major promoters. The line carried fruit from the surrounding farms to the factory, as well as shipping out the jam to the rest of the country. A 1-mile extension to Tollesbury Pier was added shortly after opening and the Great Eastern Railway had plans for a major deepwater port comparable to Harwich and Tilbury, which would have added greatly to the line's importance. Unfortunately these plans were put on hold by World War I and never proceeded with. The line closed during the fuel crisis of 1951 and never reopened.
Map of the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway
Only a handful of people greeted the first train at Tollesbury on 1 October 1904
Mixed train behind a GER 0-6-0 tank near Kelvedon on the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway in around 1910
Tiptree Station in around 1910
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