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The Nidd Valley Light Railway ran from the terminus of the North Eastern Railway's Nidd Valley Branch at Pateley Bridge 6 miles further up the valley to Lofthouse and another two miles further still to reservoir construction sites. The line as far as Lofthouse was built under a Light Railway Order of 1901 and was taken over by Bradford Corporation in 1904 and extended in order to construct three reservoirs at Gouthwaite, Scar House and Angram. It was and was opened by the Lord Mayor of Bradford in 1907. Under the original Light Railway Order of 1901 Bradford Corporation was obliged to provide passenger service as far as Lofthouse. Locomotives Nos. 1 and 2 were former Metropolitan Railway Beyer,Peacock 4-4-0 tank engines Nos. 20 and 36, which were sold to Bradford Corporation when they became redundant owing to the electrification of the London Underground. The Nidd Valley also possessed ten passenger coaches. Bradford Corporation later purchased a number 0-6-0 tanks, one of which, Hudswell, Clarke 0-6-0ST "Illingworth" has been preserved, but these were hopelessly underpowered for the steep grades of the line. A former GWR railmotor, still apparently in its Churchward crimson livery, was used for passenger service between 1921 and 1929. Passenger service was withdrawn on 31 December 1931 and the line closed completely on completion of the Scar House Reservoir in 1937.
Map of the Nidd Valley Light Railway
Postcard view of a passenger train at Lofthouse behind one of the former Metropolitan Railway 4-4-0 tank engines in around 1910
Builder's photograph of Nidd Valley Railway Hudswell, Clarke 0-6-0ST "Illingworth"
Postcard view of the Nidd Valley Light Railway's station at Pateley Bridge in around 1910
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