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Put on in 1937, the LMS "Coronation Scot" was arguably the most famous train of the 1930s. The train featured Sir William Stanier's streamlined "Coronation" Class 4-6-2 locomotives and soundproofed, air-conditioned coaches. Eric Coates even composed a popular piece of music called "Coronation Scot," although he actually composed it on the Great Western "Cornish Riviera" express between Taunton and Paddington -- but that is another story. The original "Coronation Scot" was painted Prussian blue striped in white. On its trial run on 29 June 1937 the train reached a record speed of 114 m.p.h. In 1939 an improved "Coronation Scot," train was produced in crimson and gold livery and toured the United States. Alas, World War II came, the train was taken off forever, and the new train never got to run in England.

You can now enjoy a video of the "Coronation Scot" on its record-breaking run here
LMS advertisement for the "Coronation Scot"
LMS "Duchess" Class Pacific No. 6229 "Duchess of Hamilton" as preserved at the National Railway Museum in 1939 crimson and gold livery [Courtesy Wikipedia Commons] This was the engine that took the "Coronation Scot" to America in 1939
LMS Poster of the "Coronation Scot" climbing to Shap Summit
Sir William A. Stanier, F.R.S. (1876-1965) congratulating Driver Clarke and Fireman Lewis after their 114 m.p.h. record trip
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