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The Alford & Sutton Tramway Company was incorporated under an Act of 1880 to build a 6-mile 2 ft. 6 in. gauge line from Alford Town station on the Great Northern Railway along the public highway to Sutton-on-Sea. It opened to traffic on 2 April 1884, but was rendered redundant by the opening of the 4 ft. 8 in. gauge Sutton & Willoughby Railway in 1886 and the Alford & Sutton applied for permission to abandon the line, though this was not immediately forthcoming. On 7 December 1889 the Lincoln Gazette reported: "The Alford & Sutton Tramway have ceased to run their cars, ostensibly for the winter months, but really for an indefinite period." A sad end for a railway that in its second year of operation had carried more than 100,000 passengers.
Map of the Alford & Sutton Tramway
The scene at Sutton-on-Sea on opening day, 2 April 1884
Alford & Sutton Tramway Company tram engine No. 10
Alford & Sutton Tramway goods train. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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