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Stoke Leek Branch
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The North Staffordshire Railway (Additional Powers) Act of 13 July 1863 authorized the construction of a 6- mile branch line from a junction with the Potteries, Biddulph & Congleton Railway (Biddulph Valley Line) near Milton to Leekbrook Junction, about 1 miles south of Leek on the Churnet Valley Railway. This resulted in a branch service from Stoke to Leek with intermediate stations at Fenton Manor, Berryhill, Bucknall, Milton, Endon and Wall Grange. Passenger service on the Leek Branch ceased on 1 May 1956, followed by goods on 4 June 1962, but the line was "mothballed" so that the track and most of the stations still exist. There is currently (2012) a proposal by Moorland & City Railways to reinstate the line as part of a principally freight route from Stoke to Cauldon Lowe, in cooperation with the heritage Churnet Valley Railway, whose track the route would use at Leekbrook Junction.
Map of the Leek Branch and connections
Wall Green & Longdon station on 20 March 2003. Copyright Ralph Rawlinson and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
The goods yard at Leek in around 1905
Endon station on 13 October 2007. Copyright Roger Kidd and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
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