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The North Staffordshire Railway, or the "Knotty" as it was affectionately known from its Staffordshire knot logo, was a splendidly efficient little railway. Centered on Stoke-on-Trent, it ran a variety of services between such towns as Macclesfield, Derby, Uttoxeter, Burton-on-Trent and Crewe. In addition, the part of its route from Norton Bridge to Macclesfield formed a short-cut on the London & North Western Railway's line from Euston to Manchester, and a number of Euston to Manchester expresses ran via Stoke. There was also an alternative route to Manchester via the Macclesfield, Bollington & Marple Railway (North Stafford and Great Central Joint) and the Sheffield & Midland Joint (Great Central & Midland Joint). The latter route had a useful connection with the Great Central line to Sheffield at Ashbury's Junction. There was also a connection with the Great Western Railway at Market Drayton.

The North Staffordshire Railway was grouped into the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, but owing to legal difficulties not until 1 July 1923.
Adams "G" Class express passenger 4-4-0 No. 67
North Staffordfshire Railway, 1904. NSR in purple; Macclesfield, Bollington & Marple Railway (Joint GCR/NSR) in yellow [Detached purple route at top is the Sheffield & Midland Joint (GCR/MR)]
Cutting of the first sod of the North Staffordshire Railway at Etruria in September 1846. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Badge of the North Staffordshire Railway
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