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As a prelude to an intended main line electrification project on the North Eastern Railway, of which Sir Vincent Raven (1859-1934) was an enthusiastic advocate, the coal line between Shildon and Newport near Newcastle was electrified. The project was far-sighted compared with other contemporary electrification schemes in utilizing the 1500 V DC overhead system, which was to become the standard in much of Europe before World War II. The electrification project was approved by the NER Board of Directors in 1913 and work began in 1914. The completed work was opened in two stages on 1 July 1915 and 10 January 1916. Ten center-cab electric locomotives of 1100 horsepower were built at Darlington Works to Sir Vincent Raven's design and numbered from 3 to 12. Notwithstanding that the scheme was extremely successful, the First World War put pay to using the experience gained for the main line electrification that had been intended, and during the 1930s traffic had declined so much that it was no longer economical to maintain the overhead electric equipment, and the line reverted to steam haulage on 7 January 1935.
Map of the Shildon - Newport Electrification
North Eastern Railway Bo-Bo electric locomotive No. 8. The pantograph was raised by compressed air, with a hand pump for back-up use.
Sir Vincent Litchfield Raven (1859-1934)
Electric train on the Shildon - Newport line
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