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Roslin Branch
The Edinburgh, Loanhead & Roslin Railway was chartered by an Act of 20 June 1870 to build a line from a junction at Millerhill on the Waverley Route from Edinburgh to Carlisle, via Gilmerton and Loanhead to Roslin, where there was enormous potential for coal traffic. The line was to be worked by the North British Railway, who were permitted to purchase it within five years without any further need of an Act. Construction began in November 1871, but was slow owing to bad weather. The line to Roslin opened for goods traffic on 6 November 1873, but not until early August 1874 for passengers. Meanwhile the North British Railway on 5 August 1872 obtained an Act for an additional two-and-a-half mile Glencorse Extension Railway from Roslin to Gencorse, which after numerous delays opened on 2 July 1877.

The London & North Eastern Railway withdrew passenger service from the branch on 1 May 1933. British Railways withdrew goods service beyond Roslin on 1 July 1959, beyond Bilston Glen Colliery (just beyond Loanhead) on 1 June 1969, and from the rest of the line in the summer of 1988, although the track was not actually taken up until 2011.

The Right Honorable and Mrs. William Ewart Gladstone on an electioneering visit at Glencorse station
Map of the Roslin Branch
Postcard view of Glencorse Viaduct in around 1910
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