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Lauder Branch
The Lauder Light Railway, opeerated by the North British Railway was authorized under the Light Railways Act of 1896 by a Light Railway Order issued on 30 June 1898 for a line 10 miles and 10 chains in length, from Fountainhall on the NBR main line via Oxton to Lauder. The chief promoter and local landowner, the Marquess of Tweeddale, also happened to be Chairman of the North British Railway. The line opened on 2 July 1901. Most passengers from the branch changed at Fountainhall to the Galashiels to Edinburgh local and traveled on to Edinburgh Waverley. The Lauder Light Railway was incorporated into the London & North Eastern Railway under the Grouping of 1923. The line closed to passenger traffic on 10 September 1932. Goods traffic was withdrawn under British Railways on 30 September 1958.
Map of the Lauder Branch of the North British Railway
William Montague Hay, 10th. Marquess of Tweeddale (1826-1911), chief promoter of the Lauder Light Railway and Chairman of the North British Railway
Lauder station on opening day 2 July 1901
Oxton station in the early 1900s, shortly after opening
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