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Holmes "C" Class 0-6-0
Designed by Matthew Holmes (1844-1903), who was Locomotive Superintendent of the North British Railway from 1882 to 1903, the "C" Class goods 0-6-0s (LNER Class "J-36") were both the most plentiful and the longest lived class of NBR locomotives. A total of 168 of them were built between 1888 and 1900, 138 of them at the NBR's Cowlairs Works, 15 by Neilson & Company, and 15 by Sharp, Stewart & Company. Twenty-five of them were requisitioned by the Railway Operating Division for service overseas in World War I and these were honored by the North British Railway on their return by being named as follows:

176 French
605 St Quentin
608 Foch
611 Allenby
612 Ypres
615 Verdun
620 Rawlinson
621 Monro
627 Petain
628 Byng
631 Aisne
643 Arras
646 Somme
647 Albert
648 Mons
650 Haig
657 Plumer
659 Gough
660 Horne
661 Ole Bill
662 Birdwood
666 Marne
673 Maude
676 Reims
682 Joffre

123 of the locomotives survived into British Railways' ownership, and No. 65288 and No. 65345, withdrawn on 5 June 1967, were the last two steam locomotives in Scotland in normal service. No. 673 Maude, withdrawn in 1966, was preserved and has been repainted in its original NBR goods livery of black lined out in straw.

The "C" Class had 5 ft. 0 in. driving wheels, and two 18 in. by 26 in. inside cylinders, with Stephenson valve gear, which with a boiler pressure of 165 psi gave them a tractive effort of 19,690 lb.

Preserved "C" Class locomotive No. 673 Maude at Bo'ness in April 1994. This shows the locomotive in its later form with the safety valves on top of the firebox and Reid cab with side windows. Image copyright Ron Hann and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
No. 673 in Works Gray as built in December 1891, with the safety valves on the dome and the original Holmes cab
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