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Forth Bridge
Surely one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Sir John Fowler's Forth Railway Bridge,
1890. A masterpiece of cantilever construction. The bridge, nine miles from Edinburgh on the main line to Aberdeen, is 1½miles long and 150 feet high. It opened on 4 March 1890. The Forth Bridge is the only bridge in Britain that does not carry a number: it is known simply as "The Bridge."

The track over the bridge was originally laid with Brunel longitudinal sleepers, to minimize the danger of a train falling off the bridge if it became derailed. This has now been replaced with conventional concrete-sleepered track, but with guard rails either side of the running rails. For a video shot from the cab of a train crossing the Forth Bridge click here
Bridge of Sighs ... Sir John Fowler's masterpiece at sunset
The Forth Bridge under construction about 1888
LNER express crossing the Forth Bridge behind Gresley "P-2" Class 2-8-2 No. 2003 "Lord President"
Sir John Fowler, Bart. (1817-1898)
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