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Sheffield Wicker was Sheffield's oldest rail station, built as the terminus of the Sheffield & Rotherham Railway and opened on 31 October 1838. It ceased to be used as a passenger station after 1 February 1870 when the Midland Railway, which had subsequently absorbed the Sheffield & Rotherham Railway, opened a direct route via Chesterfield. The old Wicker station continued to be used as a goods station until 1965. The facade of the Spital Hill Tunnel, which linked Wicker Station to the GCR main line, is supposedly to be incorporated into a Tesco Supermarket that is being built on the site.
Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram of Sheffield showing the location of Wicker Station
Spital Hill Tunnel, which linked the Midland Railway's Sheffield Wicker Station with the Great Central main line. The tunnel was blocked off after World War II
The original facade of Sheffield Wicker Station 1838
Goods wagons at Sheffield Wicker in around 1925
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