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The North Western Railway, usually called the "Little North Western Railway," to distinguish it from the L&NWR, was promoted by the Midland Railway to build a line from Skipton to Ingleton. The line connected with the West Coast Main Line at Low Gill via the London & North Western branch to Ingleton. There was also a branch from Clapham Junction the other Clapham Junction! to Lancaster. The Midland Railway intended to use this route to run their Scottish Expresses from St. Pancras to Carlisle via Leeds, to connect with the Glasgow & South Western Railway to Glasgow St. Enoch. At first the L&NWR was so uncooperative that passengers had to alight from the trains in the Midland and L&NW stations in Ingleton and walk across the viaduct, but trains began running through in 1862. However, the L&NWR continued to be uncooperative and made sure that the Midland trains were always late. The Midland Railway soon gave up and built their own line the Settle & Carlisle Railway. The Ingleton line then inevitably declined and closed in 1954.
Map of the "Little" North Western Railway
"The Clapham Junction of the North." Clapham, North Yorkshire. Junction for the Ingleton Branch. Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
An early view of Ingleton Viaduct, built in 1861, and comprising eleven 57 foot arches, where the Midland and London & North Western lines met
On 11 August 1880 the 12.15 p.m. Midland Railway Leeds Lancaster express, comprising a 2-4-0 locomotive and seven carriages, derailed on a crossing near Wennington at 30 m.p.h. Two of the coaches hit a bridge and were badly damaged, resulting in the death of eight passengers and serious injuries to another twenty-two
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