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Although the picturesque Dore & Chinley Railway through the English Peak District was mooted as early as 1872, it was not until the line received backing from the Midland Railway, who wanted a shorter line from Sheffield to Manchester in to compete with the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway, that the proposal got anywhere. The Dore & Chinley Railway was incorporated by Act of Parliament on 28 July 1884. There was an authorized capital of 1,050,000 in 10 shares, with the power to borrow an additional 350,000. The original directors were Robert How Ashton, William Henry Greaves Bagshawe, William Henry Brittain, George Henry Cammell, Arthur Francis Pennell, John Spencer Ashton Shuttleworth and William George Thorpe. The engineers were Messrs. Powell & Story. The line was transferred to the Midland Railway under the Midland Railway (Additional Powers) Act of 24 July 1888. The line was 20 miles 8 chains long, with two additional short curves, one at each end, and ran from junctions with the Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway and London & North Western Railway at Chinley, to a junction with the Midland Railway main line at Dore. The line proved one of the most difficult in England to construct. There were two long tunnels at Totley (6,226 yards) and Cowburn (3,727 yards) which meant that more than one quarter of the entire Dore & Chinley Railway was underground. The line was heavily graded, with long sections of 1:100. In 1893 during construction there was an outbreak of smallpox among the navvies, resulting in 23 cases of the disease, 4 of which proved fatal. Furthermore a navvy who had moved to Grasmere spread the infection there as well. The line finally opened to goods traffic in the autumn of 1893, and the first Midland Railway Sheffield to Manchester expresses began using it on 1 June 1894.
Map of the Dore & Chinley Railway. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Dore & Totley Station in 1906. On the main line (right) a Sheffield to St Pancras express heads toward Chesterfield behind an "800" Class 2-4-0. On the left a goods train heads onto the Dore & Chinley line behind an 0-6-0
A Sheffield to Manchester express emerges from the west portal of Totley Tunnel in around 1910
Bamford Station in 19566. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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