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The Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway had a short life but is in many ways one of the most famous railways in Britain, since it was the line on which both the film The Wreckers (1928) and Oh! Mr. Porter (1937) were filmed. The Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway was the first line authorized under the Light Railways Act of 1896 to be built. It was built by Joseph T. Firbank & Co., and was opened on 1 June 1901. At first there were three passenger trains each way daily, and this was increased to six in 1909. Nevertheless the line was far from profitable, and it was closed and the lines taken up for the war effort in 1917. The track was relaid and the line reopened, however, in 1924, though it finally closed for passengers in 1932, and for goods in 1936, after which most of the track was once more taken up.
Map of the Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway
Steam railmotor purchased for operating the Basingstoke & Alton Light Railway in 1904. Note that the livery seems to be LSWR locomotive green for the engine part and carriage brown and salmon pink for the coach part
Bentworth & Lasham station
A contractor's train with locomotive "Henry Appleby" together with a number of local dignitaries shortly before opening in 1901
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