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The same kind of congestion that caused the Great Western Railway to supplement its Birmingham Snow Hill station with a new station at Moor Street following the following the opening of the North Warwickshire, was causing problems for the London & North Western in Manchester at about the same time. To deal with this the London & North Western Railway built the Wilmslow & Levenshulme Railway and provided an additional station, known as Manchester Mayfield, next to their station at Manchester London Road. The works also included adding extra lines between Ardwick and Manchester London Road. Like Birmingham Moor Street, Manchester Mayfield was mostly used at peak periods during the morning and evening rush hours. There were also thirteen local trains each way daily between Manchester Mayfield and Stockport, and the occasional long distance train, especially during holiday periods. It was originally intended to enlarge Manchester London Road station, but opposition to this from Manchester Corporation led the L&NWR to provide Manchester Mayfield as a second station in a nearby location on Fairfield Street. The station was a substantial brick building with an elegant covered concourse and five platforms. A short brick viaduct connected the station with the main line just outside Manchester London Road. The station opened on 8 August 1910 and closed on 28 August 1960. At the same time Manchester London Road was renamed Manchester Piccadilly. Mayfield was used as a parcels depot between 1970 and 1980, but has lain derelict since then.
Extract from Railway Clearing House Junction Diagram showing the location of Manchester Mayfield station
The battle-scarred fašade of Manchester Mayfield station on Fairfield Street. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The original 1910 hydraulic buffers at Manchester Mayfield station. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Mayfield station viewed from the passenger concourse. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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