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The Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal was constructed between 1791 and 1808. In 1830 the Chairman of the canal company, John Tobin, suggested that the canal should be converted to a railway, and an Act for this was obtained in 1831. The Engineer, Jesse Hartley, suggested that the engineering works required to build the Bolton to Bury section would be prohibitively expensive and so only the 12-mile section from Salford to Bolton was built, opening on 29 May 1838. The major engineering work on the line was the 295-yard Farnworth Tunnel. The line was extended from Salford to Manchester Victoria to connect with the Manchester & Leeds Railway in 1844. In 1846 the M&BR became part of the Manchester & Leeds Railway, which itself merged into the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1847. The original gauge was 4 ft. 8 in. The M&BR originally had eight locomotives -- four purchased from Bury, Curtis & Kennedy, two from George Forrester & Company and two from William Fairbairn & Sons. A further two Bury locomotives were purchased in 1844.
Map of the Manchester & Bolton Railway
Farnworth station in 1989, showing the twin bores of Farnworth Tunnel. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Seal of the Manchester & Bolton Railway. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Bury type 2-2-0 locomotive, of which the Manchester & Bolton Railway owned six. Two of the early locomotives were named "Victoria" and "Fairfield." Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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