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The Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway was incorporated by an Act of 30 June 1845 with an authorized capital of 532,000 and power to borrow an additional 175,000, to build a line from Penistone (then known as Huddersfield Junction) on the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway to Huddersfield. The engineer was Sir John Hawkshaw (1811-1891). The Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway merged into the Manchester & Leeds Railway on 27 July 1846, which itself merged with several other railways to form the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway on 9 July 1847. The line opened on 1 July 1850, and remains an important through route in the twenty-first century. The original scheme included a branch to Holmfirth, and branches were later added to Meltham (1869-1949) and Clayton West (1879-1983). The Clayton West branch is now run as the Kirklees Light Railway, a narrow-gauge heritage line.
Map of the Huddersfield & Sheffield Junction Railway and its branches
Huddersfield station, designed by James Pigott Pritchett (17891868) and built in 1846-50, is surely one of the finest in the kingdom. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Sir John Hawkshaw's viaduct at Lockwood, 1 miles south-east of Huddersfield on the H&SJR. Lockwood Viaduct is 476 yards long and 122 feet high, and was completed in 1848
Postcard view of the Meltham Branch train at Meltham station in around 1905
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