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Matthew Stirling Locomotives

The Hull & Barnsley was a smartly-run little railway. It possessed 186 locomotives in 1915. Its Locomotive Superintendent from 1885 to 1922 was Matthew Stirling (1856-1931), who was the grandson of the Rev. Robert Stirling (of "Stirling Cycle" fame), nephew of James Stirling and son of Patrick Stirling. Quite a family of engineers. Matthew Stirling presided over the H&BR's Springhead Works in Hull. H&BR locomotives look black, but were in fact a very, very dark green.
Hull & Barnsley Railway Hull to Sheffield Express. 2-4-0 locomotive No. 36 was one of the original H&BR engines supplied to designs by Kirtley and subsequently modified by Stirling
Matthew Stirling's "J" Class 4-4-0 No. 38, built in 1910 for the Hull to Sheffield expresses
Hull & Barnsley eight-coupled mineral engine No. 117, designed by Matthew Stirling and built by the Yorkshire Engine Company in 1906
Matthew Stirling (1856-1931)
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