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Yealmpton Branch
The South Devon Railway planned as far back as 1866 to build a branch line from Plymouth to Dartmouth, and an Act was obtained for the South Hams Railway. The powers were allowed to lapse and it was not until 17 August 1894 that an Act was obtained to build a line over the part of the South Hams Railway from Plymouth to Yealmpton. The delay in building the line was in part due to the difficulty of coming to terms with the London & South Western Railway to obtain running powers over their Turnchapel branch to Plymstock. The line was opened at a ceremony on 15 January 1898, presided over by the Countess of Morley. The line was never particularly successful, and closed to passengers on 7 July 1930. During World War II, however, there was a demand for passenger trains to take people at night from the danger of bombing in Plymouth to the relatibve safety of the outlying villages. The line was therefore reopened to passengers on 21 July 1941, though it closed again on 6 October 1947. Goods traffic ceased in 1960.
Map of the the Yealmpton branch
Yealmpton branch timetable, 1902
The L&SWR station at Plymstock in 1905, with the GW Yealmpton branch on the left and the L&SWR Turnchapel branch on the right
Brixton Road station. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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