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Stourbridge Railway
The Stourbridge Railway was incorporated under an Act of 14 June 1860 to build a three-and-a-half-mile line from the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway's main line at Stourbridge Junction to Old Hill. There was an authorized capital of 285,000 with power to borrow the rather unusually large additional sum of 128,000. The Stourbridge Railway (Extension) Act of 1861 extended this to a junction with the London & North Western Railway at Smethwick (Galton Junction). The line was completed to Cradley Heath on 1 April 1863, to Old Hill on 1 January 1865, to Galton Junction on 1 April 1867. The West Midland Railway (formerly the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton) had by this point tranferred from the LNWR fold to the Great Western, so the Great Western completed the link from Galton Junction to Handsworth and it was also opened on 1 April 1867, and the GWR took responsibility for working the line. The line was under the Superintendence and Secretaryship of W. T. Adcock, formerly of the Oxford, Worcester & Wolverhampton Railway. The Stourbridge Railway was taken over in 1870 under the Great Western Railway (Additional Powers) Act of 1869, at which time it became evident that Mr. Adcock had fraudulently issued 52,000 in spurious stock. With the closure of the Great Western Railway's line from Birmingham Snow Hill to Wolverhampton Low Level following the Beeching Axe, traffic on the Stourbridge Railway was diverted via Galton Junction to Birmingham New Street, and the Great Western link was taken out. The Stourbridge Railway now forms part of the main line from Birmingham New Street to Worcester and Hereford as well as being an important suburban route.

Map of the Stourbridge Railway
Stourbridge Junction to Birmingham Snow Hill passenger train, comprising a Dean "36XX" Class 2-4-2T (as fitted by Churchward with Swindon No. 2 boiler) and a rake of four-wheelers, at Stourbridge Junction in around 1914
Steam railmotor at Lye station in around 1914
Dean saddle tanks outside Rowley Regis & Blackheath signalbox in around 1910
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