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Highworth Branch
The Swindon & Highworth Light Railway was incorporated by Act of Parliament on 21 June 1875 to build a 5 mile line from Highworth Junction, just east of Swindon on the GWR main line, and Highworth, with intermediate stations at Stratton, Stanton and Hannington. Following financial difficulties the company was acquired by the Great Western Railway on 7 June 1882, and opened for traffic on 9 May 1883. The Light Railway Act allowed speeds up to 25 mph, but on the Highworth Branch 7 to 8 mph were the order of the day. The line closed to passenger traffic on 28 February 1953, although some workmen's trains continued to run until closure of the branch to goods on 3 August 1962.
Seal of the Swindon & Highworth Light Railway
Map of the Highworth Branch excerpted from the GWR System Map
Highworth Station in a postcard view of around 1905
Mixed train on the Highworth Branch in about 1905 behind an Armstrong "517" Class 0-4-2T
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