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Crane Engines
In 1901 Churchward built two 0-6-4PT crane engines. These were basically constructed to the design of George Armstrong's 4ft. 1 in. "850" Class locomotive, with a cut down cab, and an extended frame with a trailing bogie on which was mounted a crane powered by a donkey engine and capable of lifting 6 to 9 tons. No. 17 "Cyclops" (Works No. 1774) and No. 18 "Steropes" (Works No. 1775) were built at Swindon in 1901 for use at Wolverhampton Stafford Road Works and Swindon Works respectively. No. 16 "Hercules" was added in 1921.

Official photograph of 0-6-4PT Crane Engine No. 17 "Cyclops" in works gray livery
Official photograph of the later 0-6-4PT Crane Engine No. 16 "Hercules"
Color view of Crane Engine "Hercules" on a Wills Cigarette Card
3/4-view of "Hercules" at Swindon
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