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The Chester & Birkenhead Railway was completed and opened for traffic on 23 September 1838. On 22 July 1847 it merged with the Birkenhead, Lancaster and Cheshire Junction Railway to become the Birkenhead, Lancashire and Cheshire Junction Railway, renamed the Birkenhead Railway in 1859. The original lines ran from Chester to Birkenhead and from Chester to Walton Junction, just outside Warrington Bank Quay station. A branch from Helsby to West Kirby was later added. By an Act of 1 January 1860 the Birkenhead Railway was jointly vested in a Joint Committee the London & North Western and Great Western Railways, and became known as the "Birkenhead Joint.".
Map of the London & North Western and Great Western Railways Joint Committee Birkenhead Lines
A view of a Great Western train at Heswall station on the West Kirby branch from the golden age of postcards, circa 1905
Great Western Paddington Birkenhead express behind "King" Class locomotive No. 6019 "King Henry V" in around 1935. For weight reasons "King" Class locomotives were not permitted to work these trains north of Wolverhampton. However, in the 21st. century that it no longer true, and here is a "King" going through Warrington Bank Quay Station at 70+ mph
The approach to Warrington Bank Quay station in 1851
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