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The Great Western Railway was opened as far as Twyford on 1 July 1839. On 12 March 1840 "Firefly" ran the 30 miles between Twyford and Paddington in 37 minutes, an average speed of 50 m.p.h., with a maximum of 56 m.p.h. -- a considerable achievement for 1840.
George Measom's woodcut of Twyford Station, near Reading, in 1852. A typical Brunel chalet-style wayside station.
The "Flying Dutchman" passing Twyford at a-mile-a-minute on 3 August 1880. Photograph by Marsh Bros., Photographers, Henley-on-Thames. To enlarge right click and select "view image"
I. K. Brunel's original design for Twyford Station
To the west of Twyford is Brunel's Sonning Cutting, shown here in Bourne's lithograph of 1846
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