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St. Austell Viaduct, half a mile west of St. Austell Station on the Cornwall Railway was 240 yards long and 115 feet high. The view here is from an old postcard. To enlarge right click and select "view image"
Brunel's timber trestle at Moorswater as originally constructed. It was 318 yards long and 147 feet high. It was replaced by a masonry viaduct in 1881. To enlarge right click and select "view image"
Nearest trestle to Plymouth was Stonehouse Pool, 107 yards long, 57 feet high, and the only double-track trestle. Shown here with a steam railmotor in 1908 with the replacement masonry viaduct under construction behind
Moorswater Viaduct in the early 1880s with the new masonry viaduct being built alongside
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