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Other Bridges
Brunel's surprisingly modernistic skew bridge over the Uxbridge Road. Lithograph by J. C. Bourne, 1846. Although it does not look it from Bourne's lithograph, the skew bridge was built of cast iron since the angle of skew was too great for brick arches. It was Brunel's first attempt at a cast iron bridge. One of the cast iron beams failed during construction in 1837. The wooden decking caught fire in 1847 and so damaged the structure that it had to be entirely rebuilt
Brunel's timber viaduct over the River Tawe at Landore near Swansea. The viaduct, 1760 feet long, was completed in 1850 and replaced in 1888-89
The building of the Great Western Railway involved two other crossings of the Thames besides the Maidenhead Bridge. This Bourne lithograph shows the Thames bridge at Basildon
The remarkable 110-foot central span of Brunel's timber Landore Viaduct on the South Wales Railway
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