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Metropolitan Railway Locomotives
"Metropolitan" Class 2-4-0T "Locust," Sir Daniel Gooch's last design, the first locomotives used on the Metropolitan Railway. They were later rebuilt as 2-4-0 tender engines
"Fowler's Ghost" -- the experimental "smokeless" broad gauge locomotive for the Metropolitan Railway that attempted to eliminate smoke by using heat stored by firebricks in the firebox. Built by Stephenson's in 1861, it was a complete failure

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The last class of broad-gauge locomotive built for the Metropolitan Railway, Armstrong's "Sir Watkin" Class 0-6-0T "Fowler," as built with condensing apparatus. They later worked on the South Devon without condensing apparatus
"Sir Watkin" Class locomotive showing the arrangement of the condensing apparatus. The class was named after Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, a Great Western Director who owned a horse called "Locomotive"
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