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Maidenhead Bridge
The brick elliptical-arched bridge has two spans of 128 feet each with a rise of only 24 ft. 6 in. This probably makes them the "flattest" brick arches ever built, apart from Brunel's ill-fated Somerset Bridge on the Bristol & Exeter Railway, with a span of 100 feet and a rise of only 12, and even this proved unsuccessful because the contractor botched the foundations rather than because of Brunel's design for the brick arch itself.
Maidenhead Bridge. Lithograph by J. C. Bourne
J. M. W. Turner 's "Rain, Steam and Speed: The Great Western Railway," 1844. Gooch "Firefly" locomotive crossing the Maidenhead Bridge. Note the smokebox is glowing white hot, a normal situation with early locomotives when they were run at speed.
Maidenhead Bridge today.
Another J. C. Bourne lithrograph of the Maidenhead Bridge
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