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Sir Daniel Gooch
"Spy" cartoon of Sir Daniel Gooch, Bart., M.P. (1816-1889), first Locomotive Superintendent 1837-1864, and later Chairman 1865-1889, of the Great Western Railway. At the time Sir Leslie Ward's cartoon was published in 1882, Gooch was 66 years old. I have this cartoon hanging on my study wall. It is interesting that the accompanying Vanity Fair blurb discusses Sir Daniel's contributions to laying the Transatlantic Telegraph Cable, his Chairmanship of the GWR and his work as M.P. for Swindon, but nowhere mentions his work as Locomotive Superintendent of the GWR, his contribution to the design of locomotives or to the establishment of Swindon Works. Sic transit gloria mundi.
The Great Western ...
Gooch aged around forty with a model of his "Firefly" locomotive
Sir Daniel Gooch with his pooch. A portrait painted by Sir Frank Grant in 1870, shortly after Sir Daniel's marriage to his second wife, Emily Burder
Lady Gooch with her pooch. Sir Daniel's lovely wife, Lady Emily Gooch (1841-1901), with one of her Pekinese. Both Gooches were besotted with dogs and must have contributed considerably to the canine population of Windsor
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