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Chepstow Tubular Bridge
The completion of Brunel's Chepstow Tubular Bridge, one of the major engineering works on the South Wales Railway, on 19 July 1852, enabled the Great Western Railway to open its line from London to Swansea. The bridge spans the River Wye and is 200 yards long, divided into a river span of 300 feet and three land spans of 100 feet each at a height of 84 feet above high water. The track is carried on girders that are suspended by suspension chains from two cast iron tubes, 9 feet in diameter. It was constructed to Brunel's design by Finch & Willey of Liverpool in 1849-52. Many of the ideas Brumnel developed here were used to design the Royal Albert Bridge seven years later.
Chepstow Tubular Bridge from the West
Chepstow tubular bridge from an engraving by B. Landis, 1859
A modern photograph of Chepstow Tubular Bridge [Courtesy Wikipedia Commons]
Chepstow Bridge under construction, 1852. The ends of the tubes are not yet capped and some of the temporary scaffolding is still in place
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