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Other Pearson Locomotives (B&ER)
B&ER 4-4-0 saddle tank No. 74 on the turntable at Watchet in 1872. Porter W. Windsor, Fireman F. E. Bennett, Pilotman J. Corbutt. Driver J. Coleman (behind engine) was later the driver of Gooch "Rover" Class "Bulkeley"
B&ER 0-6-0 No. 25 (GWR No. 2069), at Exeter in around 1870, though the background has been blocked out in this particular print. The top-hatted gentleman on with his hand of the rear driving wheel is believed to be James Pearson
James Pearson's version of Armstrong's 2-4-0 "Hawthorn" Class. Pearson also built three somewhat similar engines for the narrow gauge
James Pearson designed a precursor of the Fairlie-type Double Engine for which he obtained a patent on 7 October 1847. Horatio Allen had also tried something similar on the South Carolina Railway in 1831
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