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Broad Gauge Locomotives
A Bristol to London express near Bath in about 1845 behind a "Firefly" Class locomotive. Note the passenger luggage truck immediately behind the tender, and the brake van with raised "caboose"-style lookout at the rear of the train. This does not seem to be a B&ER brake van, which suggests that the GWR may have had similar vans of its own.
The Brake Van in the top illustration looks as if it might have been somewhat similar to the example pictured under "G" on a poster of around 1850 called "Cousin Chatterbox's Railway Alphabet." On this poster the carriage is in fact labeled "G W", though the livery is green rather than the standard GWR brown of the period
Graveyard scene: after the end of the broad gauge on the Great Western Railway in 1892. Broad-gauge locomotives await scrapping or conversion to the narrow gauge outside Swindon Works
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