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Largely through the foresight of a single local businessman, William Foster (1821-1882), Queensbury, Yorkshire came to be the center of a network of railways controlled by the Great Northern Railway and the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, of which Mr. Foster was a Director. The lines radiating from around Queensbury connected with Leeds, Bradford, Barnsley and Burnley, and via the Midland Railway main line to Carlisle and Glasgow. The various sections of the lines opened between 1879 and 1884, and closed in 1955.
William Foster (1821-1884), the Queensbury mill-owner who was largely responsible for promoting the Queensbury lines
Queensbury station presenting rather a gloomy aspect at the turn of the last century
Map of the railways around Queensbury in about 1905
Postcard view of Wilsden station in around 1905
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