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The Mablethorpe Loop consisted of two small independent railways, both worked by the Great Northern Railway.

The Louth & East Coast Railway

Incorporated by act of 18th July, 1872, to construct several single lines in Lincolnshire (in all about 17 miles in length), the first (12 miles) commencing by a junction with the East Lincolnshire Branch of the Great Northern, and terminating at Mablethorpe (post town and bathing place), near Alford ; the second (2.1/8 miles) by a junction with No. 1, and terminating in the parish of Skidbrook-cum-Saltfleet; the third (2½ miles) following the termination of No. 2 to North Somercotes; and the fourth (ty furlongs) commencing at Skidbrook-cum-Saltfleet, and terminating at Saltfleet Haven. Capital, £96,000 in £10 shares and £32,000 on loan or by debenture stock. Arrangements with Great Northern, which is to work the line at 60 per cent, of the gross receipts. By act of 17th May, 1877, authority was obtained to construct a railway, 2 miles 6 furlongs 9.30 chains, commencing in the parish of Skidbroolk-cum-Saltfleet, and terminating in the parish of North Somercotes; to purchase additional lands; to extend the time for the completion of Railway No. 2 until 18th July, 1880; to abandon certain portions of Railway No. 2 and the Railway No. 3; and to raise additional capital, viz.:—Shares or stock, £48.000/.; loans, £16,000. The main line was opened from Louth to Mablethorpe on 1st October, 1877. Length, 12 miles.

The Sutton & Willoughby Railway

Incorporated by Act of 28th July, 1884, for the construction of railways from Sutton-le-Marsh to Willoughby, Lincolnshire. Length, 7½ miles. Period for completion, 5 years. Capital, £60,000 in 20 shares; loans, £20,000. Opened 1st November, 1886.

In the 1890s the Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway had attempted to build a line from Lincoln to Willoughby, connecting with the Sutton & Willoughby Railway and providing LD&ECR with access to the east coast, but this never came to fruition. As late as 1899 the Lincoln and East Coast Railway and Dock was incorporated to take over the lapsed powers of the Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway principally in connection with building a deepwater dock at Sutton-on-Sea, but this attempt came to nothing and was abandoned under an Act of 1902.

The Louth & East Coast Railway and the Sutton & Willoughby Railway together formed the Mablethorpe Loop and became part of the London & North Eastern Railway in 1923 and were closed under the Beeching Axe in 1970.

Map of the Mablethorpe Loop
Theddlethorpe Station on the Louth & East Coast Railway
Sutton-on-Sea Station in around 1914
LNER advertisement for Mablethorpe and Sutton-on-Sea
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