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The Louth & Lincoln Railway was Incorporated on 6 August 1866 to construct a 22-mile line from Louth in Lincolnshire to Five Mile House station on the Lincolnshire Loop line to Lincoln, which had itself opened on 17 October 1848. There were intermediate stations between Louth and Five Mile House at Hallington, Withcall, Donington-on-Bain, South Willingham & Hainton, East Barkwith, Wragby, Kingsthorpe and Bardney. The major engineering work on the line was Withcall Tunnel, 971 yards long. Progress was slow and it was not until late in 1874 that the line opened for goods traffic between Bardney and South Willingham, and throughout on 28 June 1876. Passsenger service commenced on 1 December 1876. The line was worked by the Great Northern Railway, and absorbed by the GNR under an Act of 10 August 1882. The line closed to passenger traffic on 5 November 1951 and to goods on 17 December 1956.
Map of the Louth & Lincoln Railway and connections, showing the Louth & Lincoln Railway in yellow and other railways in orange
Hallington signalbox, circa 1900
Hallington station, circa 1900
South Willingham & Hainton station in around 1900, with a Stirling "J-7" Class 0-6-0 on a Lincoln to Louth passenger train
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